Why Us

WaveStrike founders have clearly recognized that what mattered to them during their professional journey so far were the people that they worked with and the problems they solved, more than the technology or the domain. It’s the people and challenges that make for a great work experience. We seek to attract not just outstanding engineers but great individuals. We also realize that building a great team requires a lot of trust, patience and honesty.

We spend most of our waking hours at work. WaveStrike tries to make those hours as valuable as they can be. Some of the advantages of being part of our team: challenging problems to solve, absolutely great teammates and relaxing work environment. There are other PERKS too!

Detailed Benefits Description


The only stress that you will feel at WaveStrike is from solving a technical challenge. We offer flexible work hours, generous amounts of leave, maternity and parental leaves, custom career paths and amazing learning opportunities.


WaveStrike offers a very competitive and most fair compensation structure. There are no grey areas and no fuzzy pay packages. We also offer referral bonuses and performance incentives.

Learn from

WaveStrike has one of the best leadership and mentorship program in industry. Members of leadership help accelerate your learning to help you meet your career goals and objectives.


WaveStrike believes your career growth is entirely dependent on your performance. There is no ladder rung to climb. We offer a performance driven compensation and role structure.

  • We are Hiring!

    WaveStrike invites software development professionals to join our excellent team of engineers. We value people, their problem solving abilities and attitude towards building a quality software product more than what they currently know. We understand no one knows everything but what we ask you to bring is your curiosity and willingness to learn.

Current Openings